As living in Indiana, sometimes I forget that I am living in Indiana till those chilly temperatures dominate leading. Similarly couple of days ago once again cold weather won the battle in our home with some of strange exclusions.

We all know that weather in Indiana gets some gloomy in the month of January, February and now even in March and it happens every year. Well during these days it’s pretty much simple to feel like that your entertainment choices with your kids get less and lesser and it might cause to spend some extra pennies to plan your entertainments with kids.

Instead of spending some extra pennies you can lot of spring and winters fun with kids without spending some extra on them by just being a little bit more creative and planning them. This is not a complete list for your trip but it will at least help you to pack your bags and turn on your wheels for sure in some cases. At the end we all  know that we don’t any dollars or cents to inflame the imagination of a kid. The only thing you need to do that is a loving parent, teacher, friends or grandparent to inflame their excitement.

Here are the list of those 6 free of cost concepts for kid’s friendly activities.

Visit Your Local Library

There are many resources of learning but your local libraries are the treasure house of learning and resources. There are many libraries who features amazing play areas for the small children. When were of that age we also went through that time and we also wore those when our children were younger. Most of the classes have almost every age of kids. And probably the main event at any library are full of books and media waiting for you to check them out.

Take a look on your library website and plan your visit around special event strategically.

Plan  A Visit To The Airport

There is a possibility that you might not be able to take your whole family on a tropical vacations this winter but you can still have some fun adventure by simply visiting an airport and especially for the kids who are mesmerized with planes. Grab some snack and sit in the beautiful atrium.

You might need to pay for a park or in case somebody else drop you off for a while, watch the taxies and planes and pretend like you are also a tourist and browse the gift shop.

As I know the parking cost at Indiana international airport is $2 per half hour so approximately it will cost $20 for whole day but the fun adventure will be free of cost all the way throughout your trip.

D.I.Y  Crafts

Ever heard of free home improvements and craft stores workshops? Nope? Its okay let me tell you that local home improvements and craft stores offer workshops for kids and some of them also offer for some adults totally free of cost. You can check out the calendar to find out about upcoming experiences.

The Home Depot usually offer a special class for kids every month, but keep in mind to get yourself registered in advance to hold your spot

Farm Or Pet Stores

Well it can a bit much chilly to visit the zoo at this time of the year, no matter if you can afford it. But that doesn’t mean at all that your kids should not get their animal fix. Instead of visiting the zoo in that chilly weather you can head towards to a local pet store or farming store like rural king to see chicks, ducks, puppies and many more pets. Rural king also offer a box of popcorn which is totally free of cost so you also don’t have to buy snacks.

Fire Station Fun

There’s nothing more fascinating for kids other than a bright red fire engine. Plan a trip and take your kids to learn from the heroes of your community and see amazing equipment, this might be the amazing and most memorable moment of your child’s winter. Be more creative and make a call to see when is the good time to plan a trip. While going on a trip buy some letters and cards of thanks with some freshly baked cookies to give them to these important civil servants as thank you.

Senior Communities

Plan an activity through which you can make kids realize that they can change the world. Try contacting a nursing home or a local senior community to see if you can help their residents company. Also keep in mind to bring an activity to share along with you like a coloring sheet, puzzle or a game. Try not to bring treats and snacks as those who are living there might have some diet restrictions. Allow your kids to entertain  them with stories, poems, songs or some other special talent. Help them in different activities such as help them to write questions to conduct an interview or help them practice reading a book.

Spend an afternoon purposely lighting up someone else world and fill them up with happiness.