Let us suppose that you are in emergency and in need of cash of $500 to get out but at that moment you don’t have that cash because you never saved for an emergency in your life or not have much that you could save. Then what should you do in that situation? The same problem arises with many of the people from our country many times. So for this problem I have a solution for you I would tell you about methods through which you will be able to make money fast and if your income is low then you will be able to boost your income. If your goal is to save money or to buy a new house or to pay off your debt then this article is for you because after reading this article you will be able to enhance your income and will be able to reach your goals. So starting from the first method,

1- Using your Car

This would be a good idea if you use your car to earn fast cash. If you are a good driver you can drive your car at Lyft. Lyft is online driving application that people use to travel instead of a traditional taxi service. You can work with lift in your convenience time and if you want to earn more than you should go for peak hours. Apps like Lyft also give bonus to its driver if they meet a number of rides in the time allotted by the app. You can get cash on the spot if you drive with Lyft. You just have to register your car with them and then you will be able to pick up riders and drop them off. So this could help you to boost your income if you drive in the hours that are most busy in the city.

2- AirBnb

If you have a big house or have a spare room or bed at your home then you can earn through it even if you don’t have much space you can still earn by moving to your friends place for a week or so. AirBnb is a website where you can rent your bed, room or whole house. This website is used by millions of people around the globe for renting purposes. You can earn from your house according to the area you live in or what facilities you give to your clients. AirBnb also have a rating system through which if your rating is higher you are paid more. So in any festival or holiday season this could be a good idea to move to your friends place and rent your apartment or room to earn some money as in these season days you are paid more than the normal rates.

3- Use Online Stores

If you are a common man then you should you have a lot of stuff at your home that you don’t use and not have used in a year or so then you should sell these items on online stores. All the things that you don’t use are dollars you are not collection. To sell big items you should go to Craigslists. To sell your electronic components you should use Decluttr or any other online electronic store. You can sell your old mobile phones, tablets, laptops, CDs, DVDs and LEGOs online. Selling online gives you a benefit that you don’t have to pay any selling fee and the process is quite simpler. So by selling the items you won’t use there is a big chance that you can make much in no time.

 4- Door Dash

Door Dash is a company through which by delivering food you can earn $1000 in a week. Yes in a week. The report says that if you drive for 10 hours a day including in the time of lunch and dinner you can earn 1000 dollars that means if you work for 70 hours a week you would earn 1000 dollars. If you want to achieve this you must have a bike or a vehicle that do not uses much fuel. This will increase the number of deliveries you do. Working for 10 hours a day in this condition would not be suitable for you if you take this as a long term job you should go a short term in order to maintain yourself.

5- Freelancing

Freelancing your talents could be a great idea. You can earn a healthy amount of money if you can write blogs, stories, do content writing or some other technical stuff like designing, web development or android application development. You can freelance your talent at fiver or you can do task like story writing on Upwork. By using these sites you can even earn 20 Dollars per hour. So instead of wasting your time and talent you should freelance using these website and earn an amount that you could save for your future or any emergency.

6- Become a Baby Sitter or Pet Sitter
If you are a responsible person who take cares of the tasks and things assigned to him and if you love kids then you earn much in babysitting. If you have free time in a day or in weekends you can book your hours to persons for babysitting. You can find babysitting opportunities on websites like care.com and you can put your ad in any newspaper or sites like Craigslist for free. If you want to earn more in less time than baby sit more kids at the same time and if you love animals you can also do pet sitting. By doing baby sitting or pet sitting you will be able to earn more and your income will be enhanced so you then you would be able to save.

7- Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is an online website where you can help people around you to do tasks and you get paid to do so. You will get tasks like organizing a party, doing some cleaning, decorating or helping people in their work. You can choose between tasks that if you want to do that or not and when I searched for the tasks available I found out that most of the jobs offer $50 to $100 for an hour that is a big amount and by working 45 to 50 hours a week you can easily get your goal of making $1000. One thing you should keep in your mind is that you if you earn 50 dollars for a task 15% of the total amount will be charged by Task Rabbit and on other thing is that you don’t have to worry about collecting cash from the clients because Task Rabbit do it by themselves. The client has to pay directly to Task Rabbit and then after cutting its fee Task Rabbit pays you.

8- Craigslist

There is a gigs section in the Craigslist website where you can find short time activities or tasks that pay well. You could find short term jobs like creative writing of stories or blogs, some technical assistance, some online work or any other labor task near you. With this section of Craigslist you can earn much in very less time. You can work according to your talents and skills and according to your own time. You can easily get tasks that will pay you more than 20 to 30 Dollars in an hour. So working with this feature of Craigslist can also enhance your income that will help you to make $1000 very fast.

9- Teach in your free time

You can become a tutor if you are literate enough to teach a child or an adult. Not every student needs a tutor but a lot of students from college or school needs a tutor and sometimes parents hire a tutor for their child so that he could learn more and effectively. By teaching you can make $20 to $30 an hour according to your qualifications. You can also teach immigrants about your language who are seeking for nationality in your country. You can find students on Facebook or sites like Craigslist or you can put your ad on these websites to gain more students. So if you work for almost 50 hours a week you can achieve your goal of making thousand Dollars in a week.

So these were those 9 methods that can help you to earn 1000$ very fast in a week or so. So it is better not to waste your free time and earn some cash by the above mentioned methods because if you will save then you will not get in a condition like I have told you in the start and If you want to buy a house or if you have any other dream then you can complete that by using these methods. Hope so you will use that. Do not forget to comment in the comment section and also share your experiences of earning money in ways like that.

Have a good Day!