Top 5 Ideas to Entertain Your Family on Budget

Family time is very important but working parents are not able to give much time to their kids. After being stuck at home for a very long time parents have no more ideas that how to entertain their kids. Now a days it is a very difficult task for frugal parents to entertain their kids within the budget.

According to a report of Parent Summer Spending’s Report of 2018, the prices of entertainment has increased by 25% and a big percentage of parents are worried about how they would entertain their kids. We all love to do family activities that entertain us and get us together. Finding cheap and easy entertaining activities are our one of the top priorities. You can do so many activities to entertain your family at home if you really want to do this than think about it. So to solve your this problem, I have come up with a list of ideas that will help you to entertain your family on budget,

Here are some of the activities you can do at home to entertain your kids.


  1. Activities at Home

Being creative is part of human life. You can create so many things like you can cook, craft, sing and many more that is why being creative is fun and you can do such creative things at your home to entertain your family and friends. And the best thing is that these things can keep your cost low because you are staying at home. There are many things you can do at your home that is helpful for you to entertain your kids at a minimum cost like


Baking is one of the great ideas for you and your kids for entertainment and having fun. Look for the ingredients what you have and what you can make with them. You can also see websites like BBC good food where you can easily find free recipes that are easy for making at a low budget.

You can also arrange a competition among your kids and give them themes and challenges, make teams with an adult or a younger sibling against each other. It keeps them busy and they can learn many things by working in a team.

Board games

Gaming is a best way of connecting and creating memories with your family. Board game is an excellent activity at a rainy day for playing but it is expensive to buy. If you do not have board games than why not you make your own. You can design your own and decorate it as you want.

Expect board games you can also arrange quizzing game you can ask question from each other and it is the best game for your kids for learning. This is because gaming is a best thing for entertainment and fun with your family.

Create a scavenger hunt

This is a great activity for your kids for entertainment. If you have garden than it is a more creative game. List the things that you can hide from your kids and ask them for hunt the things. This will keep them fit and it will also help them to learn new ideas.


  1. Local Events and Your Community

There are many activities you can do at your local area like

Local events

Most cities and local organizations arrange events for family and kids such as competition among kids, parents, movie night, music and festival nights and many more. By going on such an event, you can save a lot of money and can help your kids and family to socialize.

Communal space

A local park is best place for your kids, so you should take them once a week or arrange a picnic or a hike for your kids. This will help them to be fit and happy.

Sport day

Arrange a sport day for your kids in your garden or Local Park. It is a best way for fun and also for the kids mental and physical health. Arrange competition among them and you can also give small prizes to the winners.


  1. The Countryside’s

There are many beautiful countryside’s around us in the United Kingdom and on a sunny day it is the best thing to arrange a great outdoor picnic with your family. Beach day is also prefect example of entertaining your family on a budget. Choose your closest beach so that you could go there and spend some extra time with your kids buy a bucket put some snacks, food, fruits and ice-cream and take these items with you.

National family parks are also a perfect place for a great outdoor picnic. You can go with your kids, walk there and could spend some time out of home.


  1. Free museums and galleries

Many free museums and galleries are in your city. This is a best way of learning and getting new information from museums and galleries. During holidays, many museums and galleries arrange events and educational program for kids and families. Even in lockdown museums and galleries are best place to visit. Check out museum and gallery websites for the information that you require before a visit.

Below is a list of some museums and galleries that you can visit

World museum, Liverpool

National gallery, London

National history museum, London

National museum of Scotland

British museum, London

National football museum, Manchester

National railway museum, New York

Science museum, London


  1. Use discounts and deals

You can use discounts and deals on the groceries items for saving some money

Supermarket loyalty points

Loyalty point program is a marketing concept that is designed to hold on their customers by giving various rewards on shopping. Increasing the feeling of goodwill from their customers they are rewarded points. They rewarded more when their customers spend more, and this is a best way to save money over a year.


It offers up to 70% off on their every item so you can easily save money. But only thing you must do is search on browsing see all the deals they are offering.


Check out 365deals for a good day out. It offers up to 50% off on tickets of zoo, theme parks, historical and cultural places. It is a cheapest way for you and your family for good day out. So, check out the deals that you want.


Look out for 2for1 deal. This offer means buy 1 get 1 free deal means if you pay full of a ticket then you can get 1 ticket for free. This is also available on restaurants and bars as well.

If you can travel through train regularly with your kids, you invest about 30 euros in a year then you geta offer of 30% off for adults and 60% off for children fares, for 4 adults and 4 children travelling together.


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Easy Steps to Supplement Your Pension

Do you really need to replace your pension? What is a recent survey? It revealed that the average retired family spends 000 27,000 per year – up to 000 42,000 for a comfortable retirement.

If you are much worried and thinking that you will not have enough of your pension in this kind of annual income, do not be afraid! Because there are still many ways by which you can increase your retirement income.

Avoid the Claiming of Your State Pension

Number of jobs no longer have a mandatory retirement age. You can work as long as you like! Even if you are in a mandatory age job such as firefighter or aviation pilot, you can use your knowledge to take on other jobs such as consulting or teaching positions.

You can take your state pension when you are 66 – but you do not have to. If you are working, taking your state pension at the same time means you will have to pay more tax.

Instead, consider postponing your claim to a state pension for a number of years while you are still working. This does not mean that you will continue to have working income to save for your retirement, but that your state pension payments will also increase.

How much state pension do you get?

See your state pension forecast here. You can also qualify for a pension credit, increasing your income to 7 167.25 if you are single or 5 255.25 for couples.

How does deferral increase state pension payments?

Your state pension payment will increase by 1% for each nine weeks you defer. If you uming that you are entitled to pay a maximum of 8 168.60 per week after the age of 66, your payments will be in addition to 22 19.22 per week if you defer for two years. One year (52 weeks) adds just under 5.8% to your weekly payments – two years just increased it to 11%.

So, instead of getting 8 168.60 per week, you get 7 187.82 per week – or be ashamed of the extra 1,000 per year. You have to take these payments once a week – you can take the extra amount in one lump sum. However, it is also a good way to increase your state pension income when you retire.

The Pensions Advisory Service has a lot of useful advice on deferring state pensions.

Have the Best Annuity Rate

The rules of pension are totally changed after the year 2005. In april,2005 there are many more things    which got a new design into it.


You can take up to 25% of the total amount tax-free, draw income from it, or pay these options 25% tax-free on regular income.


What is an annuity?

Annuity is basically a type of contract which you take to withdraw your pension. Fixed-term annuity lasts up to the agreed time: You receive guaranteed income for the year of acceptance. Upon maturity, you may choose a different type of annuity or another fixed-term purchase.

You must purchase an annuity before you can take income from your pension.

You can now shop for the best annuity rate: you do not have to take what your current pension provider offers. Open market choice is your legal right to buy an annuity from any provider in the market – so look around before you find the right annuity for you.

Finding the best annuity rate will increase the income you get from your pension pot. If you do not know what is the best option for you?  talk to an independent financial advisor: they are legally responsible for providing unbiased advice for your best interests. Unlike advisors who are onlylimited to specific providers, the independent consultant has access to all contracts available in the entire pension market.

Try to Make Money Shopping

Did you know that you can always get money back for shopping at the places you buy?

Internet cashback sites offer an easy way to earn a percentage back on every purchase. These sites pay retailers to drive traffic to their online shops – and cashback sites share this money with you.

Every time you make a purchase through the cashback site, you can earn anything from 1-10% or more of your purchase. It’s not just the goods: when it comes time to renew the fuel supplier, broadband or your car insurance, you can earn tens (and sometimes hundreds) of pounds by going through the cashHow To Use Cashback Sites

If you want to earn cashback, then all you need to do is to create a user login on the cashback site. Then, when you need to buy something, first check on the cashback site to find the retailer. If it is listed, click through the site and your click – and purchase – will be tracked automatically. A great way to remember shopping through a cashback site – setting it as your homepage – is to load a reminder to remind you to use it whenever your internet browser opens!

If you want to set up an account with the different cash back sites then you can do it. Offer better bonuses than specific cashback or other cashback sites for certain retailers. Having an account with two or three cashback sites means you can find the best deal to increase your cashback.

Make sure that you are committed to the most popular sites like Top Cashback and Quid co. Always read the terms and conditions so that you know how and when to get paid. Some offer free and paid account options: As the bonuses are often larger, regular clients often benefit by paying for a better account option.

You can earn an extra bonus on your payment if you choose to pay directly on the gift card instead of your bank account. These gift cards include prepaid master cards, which work just like any other debit card, so you are not limited to one retailer to spend your cashback on.

Double your cashback chances

Online shopping is safe with a credit card. You will have more customer protection if you need a refund or the retailer does not deliver as promised.

This will give you more warranty protection, such as accessories that may need to be replaced within the first 12 months due to defects.

As long as you pay the credit card in full each month, you will not pay interest on your purchases.

Many credit cards offer cashback on your purchases. So, if you go through the cashback site and pay using the cashback credit card, then you can increase the amount of cash you earn back on your purchases !back site.

Take Different Surveys to Make Some Extra Cash

Another way that helps you to take advantage of the digital age is to replace your pension is with survey sites.

A few minutes of your time each day, you will receive gift cards or cash prizes. This requires answering some of the questions in the surveys. That’s it! Money adds up quickly and it’s easy to complete a survey when you have a few free minutes every day.

We recommend Swag Box as a reliable source of cash by taking surveys.

Try to Cut the Cost of Your Everyday Needs

One way to ensure that your retirement is comfortable is to replace your pension. In fact, if you create savings habits before retirement, you will save more for your retirement and live less when you are not working.

Simple steps, such as finding ways to reduce your energy bills, save extra and spend less money on retirement.

Other ways to save on daily expenses:

Using comparison websites when renewing insurance policies

Find discount vouchers for meals, shopping or experiences

Accessing senior discounts such as the Over 60 Rail Card

Transforming supermarkets into less expensive retailers

Switching to own-brand products instead of brand names

Reduce (or quit) your alcohol and meat consumption

Look for different charity shops for having furniture, clothes and many other important items

Change energy suppliers to save on electricity and gas bills

Request for a water meter while living alone or with your family

Reduce Your Bills By Applying to Warm Home Discount

In the winter season you are entitled to a warm home discount which is actually an annual payment credited to your energy bill. In 2019/2020, the winter warm home discount is 140 which is a big figure

If you receive the guaranteed credit element of the pension credit, you will be automatically eligible for payment. Other people, such as those with low incomes or those with serious disabilities, may be eligible. If you think you are eligible you can apply for this scheme through your energy provider. The number of grants is limited so make sure you register for notifications to apply as soon as possible each year.

If you were born before 6 April 1954 you can also benefit from a winter fuel payment – up to 300 towards your energy bills. Holders of pension credit or other benefits can also avail cold weather payments, which are automatically paid to you after every 7 days with a temperature of less than £ 25, 0̊ Celsius.


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9 Easy Ways to Get Free Baby Diapers

An average newborn soils ten diapers a day. Did you know that?!

As a parent, you will have spent over £2,100 by their third birthday, on approximately 8,580 diapers. Isn’t that nuts!

That’s a massive expense for a family, so we decided to put together this useful resource:

How Can You Get Free Diapers?


  1. Free Diaper Samples


It may surprise (and excite) you to know that there are lots of companies that are willing to send you free diapers especially from freebie sites like Just Free Stuff. All you have to do is try out their brand. You’ll get enough samples to last you a few days, but it’s not a long-term savings strategy.


Honest Company:

This company will send you some premium diapers and baby wipes, although you’re on the hook for shipping.

Everyday Happy:

You can receive a free premium diaper trial box, and a bamboo wipes pack.

Little Huggies:

Register with them for free sample packs of diapers and wipes.

Grove Collaborative:

If you pay for shipping, they will send over a few trial diapers and wipes.

Simply Right:

It often changes, but they send about five diapers.


  1. Pampers Gifts to Grow


If you join the Pampers Gifts to Grow program, they will send you some free diapers as a Pampers loyalty reward.

Look for the codes inside Pampers boxes and enter it into the website. Save up enough points and redeem them for toys, diapers, and baby food.


  1. Diaper Bank

If your family is having a bit of a hard time, it’s worth it to check out the National Diaper Bank Network. This non-profit network assists low-income families with local chapters all over the country.

This is an excellent alternative to those in need of assistance since, as you may know, the WIC and food stamps program do not provide diapers.


  1. Free Diapers with InboxDollars


One of the cheapest places to get diapers, hands down, is Amazon. Here’s some advice on how to get yourself a free Amazon gift card… go straight to InboxDollars.

InboxDollars gives Amazon gift cards for answering questions related to your shopping habits. Look, it’s not a huge ton of money, yet a lot of people end up earning about $10 a month this way.


  1. Get To Know Cloth Diapers


Washable cloth diapers are a fabulous way to save money. We did the math, and a family with three children could save over £2,500 by switching to cloth diapers!


  1. Become a Diaper Ambassador

Believe it or not, will pay you… IF you’re able to convince fellow moms to start buying their diapers online.

They have an impressive referral program. You can earn a $5 diaper credit for every mom you refer to their site.


  1. Ask the Diaper Companies

No doubt, diapers are a huge business. Companies realized a long time ago that once you’ve started with their brand, most likely, you’ll continue using them into potty-training. Take advantage, register with the big brands for their free diapers and coupons.

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