Now a days free samples has gained a lot of importance for all the businesses, companies has now realized that this sample giveaways are more effective than the conventional method of advertising. Companies know that if they provide the product for free everyone will give it a try and if a customer gets interested in buying the product after taking the sample, this is a win for the company. Another reason that why the samples are important is that it helps companies to get loyal customers.

We know that people love surveys and to support this love I am writing this article so that you can get your hands on free samples without doing any time taking surveys. I believe that if you want to try a product, you should do that without any hard work. Fortunately, we have a lot of websites available where you can get free samples without taking time taking surveys.


Free Stuff

The first place on our list is the Free Stuff and as the name says it all the website is dedicated to provide free stuff to the people. This website has categorized freebies by their genre and more valuable freebies requires you to work hard for them but if you are looking for cheap things, you can get them easily without doing much. Other than these freebies, you can enter sweepstakes and freebies by filling entry forms and you can win smart watches and Google Pixel Phones.


Sample a Day

The second place in our list goes to Sample A Day, this site is highly rated among all the freebies hunters as they has a new freebie to offer every day. One of the best thing about this company is that they will directly link you with the companies who are providing the free samples. You can get a lot of products from this website ranging from Play station games to Amazon Prime trails.


Internet Steals and Deals

This site is managed by a girl named Becky, she started the website when was she was in college and now she consider herself as a freebie expert. She works hard to collect all the freebies stuff and put it on her website. The stuff available on the Internet Steal and Deals is of different categories and includes stuff like home décor, makeup, cosmetics, baby products and much more. There are no hard and fast rules to get these freebies and you do not have to take any surveys.



This is one of site with the easiest process of getting freebies as it orders free samples for its members automatically. The products are updated on daily basis so you will find a new product whenever you will visit the website.


Mega Free Stuff

Another user friendly website is the Mega Free Stuff, they have a larger number of members and for them they have a lot of free samples available all the time. The thing that separate this site from others is that they also offer the visitor the chance to shop for movie tickets, eBooks and magazines subscriptions.


Sweet Free Stuff

Another amazing site that is in business from 2002 is the Sweet Free Stuff. This site has one of the friendliest user interface and you can get your hands on free stuff like cosmetics, health products, magazines and food etc. This site is open for everyone and the freebies here are updated daily so that all the visitors can enjoy free samples and stuff.


I Love Free Things

I Love Free Things is one of the pioneer in the freebies websites list, they are in business since 2006 and from that time they have provided a lot of different freebies to their members. One of the best thing is that they connect the customers directly to the businesses so that the customer could get the most out of it. The site has also been in News for good reasons and is highly rated among all the freebies hunters. On this site you can get free stuff of different categories like health products, cosmetics, magazines and food etc.


Women Freebies

As the name suggests this website is dedicated to women stuff and you can get a lot from this website without doing much. This website has a variety of free samples like skin care items, makeup and hair care products. Apart from the women stuff you can get free food for yourself and pets, other than these amazing freebies they also has a giveaway where they give away prizes like smartphones and laptops.


My Free Product Samples

This is an amazing site that I will suggest to all the new people who want to get their hands on sample because this site has a page especially where they highlight all the scammers so that their members could stay away from the scammers and frauds. The site is updated all the time and you will get fresh samples and free products all the time. Apart from the free samples you can get your hands on discounts and deals and you can also enter sweepstakes and contests here. is in business from 2013 and from that time they have offered a lot of samples to everyone who visits their websites. You can get pet freebies, beauty products, baby freebies and much more from this website.



PINCHme is a site that offers free shipping of samples to its members, you can get freebies for free at your doorstep without paying anything. Although they require a survey but the survey helps them to analyse your interests so that they could provide you what you want.


Stay Away From Scammers

So as we are talking about free samples which you can get without doing anything, there may be a chance that you may get some scammers on your way. There are some tips for you that can help you to stay away from the scammers. You should always look for the products that you want rather than what the website is offering as there is no need to keep the products that you won’t use. You should also know that the free trails are not the requirement of free samples because you can get them without any prior membership.

You should know that free samples never require your personal information like the credit card number or the social security number, so if anyone is asking for it skip them. Only share your name and address to the company so that they could send you a sample. Always prefer those sites who link you with the manufacturer or provides the manufactures name on the free samples list.

You can also get samples directly from the companies by following them on their social media pages as most of the time they announce the giveaways on social media and you can get the items directly from them.